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How to find your cuff size

To help you determine your cuff size we would like to give you a couple of tips. Cuff sizes are measures in millimeters. To determine your cuff size you need to find your wrist circumference . Then find your cuff size by adding +/- 15mm

How to find your cuff size How much to add to my wrist circumference?
Cuff : Add +/- 15mm

Suuz sizes Width Height Cuff Circumference
Small 54mm 41mm 150mm
Medium 59mm 45mm 164mm
Large 65mm 46mm 176mm

For example:
you measured a wrist size of 160mm Your cuf size would then be 160 + 15 = 175mm. This corresponds to a cuff size large of 176mm
Below are 3 methods to determine your wrist circumference. In case you are not sure you can always order a Suuz test model of each or our designs.

You can easily determine your cuff size by measuring your wrist with a measuring tapeline.

When you measured your wrist circumference you can find your cuff size by adding a small amount depending on how you would like your cuff to fit. (see above)

As a second option you can use the Suuz online cuff size finder. For this you will need to place a creditcard/debitcard on the screen so we know the relative size of your computer screen. Next you fit your existing cuff on the screen to match some circles.