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How do i find my ring size?

To help you determine your ring size we would like to give you a couple of tips. There are several methods available to determine your ring size. Three of them are explained below. Ring sizes are being measured with the inside circumference (millimeters, from 40 till 70 mm) or inside diameter (millimeters, from 12,7 till 22,3 mm).

How do i find my ring size? Explanation

Inside diameter ( Ø ) - from 12,7 till 22,3 mm

Inside circumference - from 40 till 70 mm

You can easily determine your ring size by measuring the inside diameter of one of your current rings. For this you can use a tapeline or geo-triangle to measure the distance on the inside of the ring.

You can also measure the circumference of your fingers with a tapeline. Don't do this to tight; the ring should fit around your finger joints as well.

As a second option you can use the Suuz online ring size finder. For this you will need to place a creditcard/debitcard on the screen so we know the relative size of your computer screen. Next you fit your ring on the screen to match some circles.

As a third option you can order our free ring size measurement tool. We will send this to you for free. Please fill out the form below to order.

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