About SUUZ

SUUZ is a jewelry brand that truly believes in customisation. We believe that personal is always better. What better way to show your love then by designing a custom ring, bracelet or necklace for that special someone, or how about a personalized gift to symbolize a valued friendship.  SUUZ believes all jewelry should be made to order, to fit, and to dazzle.

In order to create the seamless shopping experience we aim to offer our customers, we quickly realized that we had to create a number of design tools and e-commerce features ourselves.  Our background is a mix of product design and web application development so this challenge was well suited to us. We have been developing these tools and systems since 2011 and will eventually make them available to other designers and brands around the world. The software and process tools are developed at Formware BV. 

How our jewelry is made

SUUZ combines the power of additive manufacturing, otherwise known as 3D-Printing, and traditional craftsmanship to bring personalized jewelry to the mass-market.  Our noble metal jewelry starts its life as a 3D model that can be edited to create the perfect personalized product. Once a customer submits an order the 3D model is sent to a 3D printer. The 3D model is printed in wax and prepared for casting, this was only a temporary model for what will become a silver, gold, or even platinum ring, bracelet, earring or any other kind of jewelry.

The wax model is encased in plaster; this is called the mold. Then the wax is melted out. Now the mold is ready to be filled with precious metal.  Once the casting is complete an expert goldsmith carefully separates the cast jewelry, and removes any unwanted remains of the casting process. Finally each jewel is hand polished to perfection, and gems or other extras are attached to create the finished jewel.

Silver and gold jewelry