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Jewelry will retain its beauty and value much longer if it is properly maintained. Over time, it will lose its shine, get scratched, bent, dented and wear down. With routine checks and touch-ups it you can prevent serious damage or loss of precious stones. In order to do so consistently is might help to schedule a moment to clean and check your most valued jewelry regularly.

We have put together a list of tips and tricks to keep your jewelry shiny and make it last a lifetime.

How do you clean jewelry?

Many people do not realize that household cleaning products, makeup, hair care products, and all sorts of other household chemicals can seriously dull or even damage precious stones and metals. Of course preventing this is better than repairing it, so try to avoid wearing jewelry when cleaning or grooming. Even if you do this consistently, everything wears and gets a bit dirty if you wear it a lot. So clean your jewelry regularly. There are many different products on the market for cleaning jewelry, make sure you use the right product for the material you want to clean.

General jewelry cleaning rules

Clean gold

If the jewel contains glued gems, don’t submerge it in water, and don’t use hot water. This can soak into the glue and loosen the stones. Instead just use a damp cloth with some cleaning agent.

If the jewel contains fixed gems (metal fixtures that hold the gems in place), you can submerge it. Do not use hot water as a sudden temperature change can crack some types of gems.

If the jewel contains no gems, it is safe to clean while it is submerged and you can use relatively hot water. (As hot as your hands can take)

You can clean and polish your jewels at home very easily and cheaply, but having a jeweler do it for you will always have a better result. And you don’t need to worry about gems or the right polishing techniques, which is what you pay for. (If you even have to)

Check your jewelry regularly; prongs, fasteners, pins etc. Bring it to a jeweler if something feels loose or wobbly, it is always better to be safe than sorry. (You will be if you loose a gem or the entire jewel)

How to clean silver Jewelry?

Silver jewelry needs more cleaning than gold or platinum because it tarnishes (turns black). Depending on how dirty the jewelry is there are lots of options to clean silver jewelry. The easiest way to clean is just with a slightly moist soft cloth with a tiny bit of soapy water, then buff it with a dry cloth. For a slightly better polish put some clean ash (from a cigarette or fireplace), or white toothpaste (without whitener) on the wet cloth instead of soap. For best results use a silver polish product and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

How to clean gold Jewelry?

Clean gold

Gold can be cleaned just like silver. All though it needs much less frequent cleaning, and less buffing than silver, it can still accumulate dirt or grease. Use a damp cloth or soft toothbrush, with a tiny bit of soapy water or white toothpaste.

How to clean platinum Jewelry?

Platinum is a very dense metal that is much harder to polish than silver or gold. You can clean a bit of dirt or grease yourself, using a damp cloth or brush. We recommend that you always let a professional jeweler polish your platinum jewelry for you.

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